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Maintenane troubleshooting international


MTI has been in business since 1976 specializing in diagnostic and correction of equipment problems. Our consulting division has performed troubleshooting and machinery correction with equipment in all 50 states. From repair of water ring vacuum pumps in Hawaii, to correction of mechanical chain and sprocket problems with the stern drive on Mississippi paddle wheelers, repairing pure nickel pumps in rare earth mines in the mountains of California, rooftop balancing of critical fans for emergency rooms in hospitals, vibration analysis of cooling tower gearboxes in Texas, and critical repair of vertical turbine pumps for water treatment in Vermont—Maintenance Troubleshooting was there. We take pride in our consulting services and our excellent documentation of what the problems were and how they were solved. Normally our consultant works with local in-plant personnel correcting problems using the people who need to know so they can fix things in the future.

Overview of Technical Maintenance Services Provided:

  • In-place dynamic balancing – Fans, Blowers, Turbo-Axial Equipment
  • Troubleshooting mechanical seal problems (John Crane, Chesterton, Flow Serve, US Seal, and others)
  • Vibration measurement and Vibration Analysis of mechanical rotating equipment
  • Anti-friction bearing failure analysis
  • Independent audit of plant run or vendor run vibration analysis programs
  • Field supervision of local plant maintenance personnel for first time rebuilding of unfamiliar equipment
  • Centrifugal pump inspection and supervision of in-plant rebuilding
  • Cooling tower blades pitch adjustment and blade tracking-blade balancing
  • Blue-tooth wireless laser alignment of shafts (couplings) for horizontal or vertical rotating equipment
  • Operating anti-friction bearing inspection using acoustical emission analysis
  • Lubrication Analysis – In plant viscosity measurements and laboratory spectrographic and ferrographic oil analysis
  • Lube audit including independent review of plant lubrication programs for correct lubricant, greasing amounts and frequency
  • Thermal alignment using laser alignment tooling
  • Laser alignment of V-belt or synchronous belt-driven equipment
  • Precision measurement of machinery components to determine compliance with standards (0.0001”)
  • Machinery redesign to improve maintenance life

$1,500 per day with a minimum of three days. All expenses billed back at cost (no markup) with documented receipts for airfare, rental auto, gasoline, and motel expense. $52.50 per diem for food, laundry, and tips. We accept company purchase orders from D&B rated corporations or LLC’s. Please call and discuss your problem to see if we can help.

Certificate of insurance provided, we sign hold-harmless agreements, and carry workman’s compensation. We follow and obey all plant safety rules and security requirements. We have a zero drug tolerance for our personnel. All consultants are citizens of the United States of America and have no criminal record. Valid state issued photo-ID provided.

Partial List of Clients
ICI, Mannington Mills, DuPont Hospital for Children, Stauffer Chemical (22 plant locations), W.R. Grace (15 plant locations), Monsanto, State of Delaware, State of California, City of Philadelphia Waste Treatment, General Electric, Delmarva Power, Buffalo Fan, Trane Corporation, Ciba-Geigy, Raytheon, Strobic Air, FMC, Alaska Pipeline, Whiting-Turner, IRD, Dow Chemical, Sun Oil Company, the U.S. Navy, and numerous small and medium sized companies.

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