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VMA-503 Vibration Measurement & Analysis

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 What is vibration — What causes vibration
 Characteristics of vibration

Frequency — Displacement — Velocity —
Acceleration — Phase — Acoustical emission
Other Characteristics
Forced vibration, Free vibration, Natural
frequency, Resonant frequency, Critical speed
Measurement units
Peak-to-peak — in/sec peak — RMS
Conversion of vibration measurements
 Significance of vibration characteristics
Information provided by vibration frequency
Information provided by vibration amplitude
When to use velocity measurement
When to use displacement measurement
When to use acceleration measurement
Information provided by phase
 Assessing vibration severity
How much vibration is too much
General vibration severity chart
Acoustical emission bearing failure chart
 Seismic velocity pickups (moving coil)

Theory of operation — Characteristics —
Magnetic interference
 Accelerometers
 Non-contact (Proximity) transducers
Theory of operation — Installation
 Mounting of transducers
 Seismic velocity pickups and accelerometers

Stud mounted — Epoxy mounted — Handheld without a probe — Hand-held with a
probe — Magnetic holder — Vice-grip pliers
— Shaft stick
 Guidelines for transducer selection
Selecting transducers
Mechanical characteristic of the machine
Considering measurement parameters
Measurement parameters
Frequency range
 What is vibration analysis
 Machine design and operating characteristics

Machine characteristics
Purpose of measurement
Selection of measurement parameters
 Measurement positions and directions
 Selection of vibration measurement instruments

Vibration meters – features
Vibration analyzers – features
 Selection of measurement transducers
 Determination of data required
 Taking measurements

Things to consider
Common types of measurements
Taking waveform measurements
Use of filtering
Long and short time samples
Measuring frequency
Setting up a PdM program that works
 General analysis procedures
 Diagnosing machinery vibration
 Vibration due to unbalance
 Vibration due to misalignment
 Vibration due to eccentricity
 Vibration due to faulty anti-friction bearings
 Vibration due to faulty sleeve bearings (plain bearings)
 Vibration due to mechanical looseness
 Vibration due to drive belts
 Vibration due to gear problems
 Vibration due to electrical faults
 Vibration due to resonance
 Vibration due to aerodynamic and hydraulic forces
 Vibration due to reciprocating forces
 Vibration due to rubbing
 Beat vibration
 Use of strobe light and phase for diagnosis
 Background vibration

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