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“Temporary” Equipment ID Tags

SKU : CAK-0210

We list them as “Temporary”, but folks’ll tell us they last for years!! So you’ve got all this equipment that you need to manage. Surely when the plant was built, an equipment numbering system was set up and all of the units had permanent ID tags affixed. Well …. not really, they meant to do it but it just never got done, what with all the pressures from production & management. Now that the plant has a few years under its belt & the new plant manager understands that the maintenance department can actually help the bottom line instead of being a constant drain if they have the ability to collect data, times have changed. Seems like it should be easy, but our experience tells us that the most effective way to do this is to send the mechanics/electricians/instrument techs out with a box full of our Yellow Tags. Just peel back the self adhesive clear protective layer, remove the self adhesive covering, write the ID number on the yellow label, place the self adhesive clear cover in place & attach to the equipment. It’s quick, easy & lasts!! It makes it much easier to get a program (work order, vibration monitoring, etc, etc program up & running with minimal cost & effort. Used by professional maintenance folks for years!

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