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Rigging and Crane Handbook

SKU : MTM-1501

4th Edition
205 pages Pages
Language : English

Softcover – 1/2 x 4-1/2 x 6 – 205 pages with tables & charts.

A ready reference for the ironworker, rigger or cross-trained maintenance craftsman for portable cranes and the rigging involved to handle the loads. If you deal with mobile cranes you need this book.

Chapters include:
-1: Basic Arithmetic
-2: Calculating Weights
-3: Weight Tables/ Metric to English Conversions
-4: Load Center of Gravity
-5: Calculating Sling Loads (Symmetrical and Non-Symmetrical)
-6: Calculating Sling Load Tension: Eccentric “CG”
-7: Chain Fall Tension When Drifting a Load
-8: Wire Rope Information and Wire Rope Conversions (to metric)
-9: Wire Rope Sling Tables
10: Wire Rope Sling Replacement Criteria
11: Chain Slings/Metal Mesh Slings/Fiber Rope Slings
12: Rigging Hardware
13: Rigging Hitches
14: Rigging Safety Rules & Rules of Thumb
15: Mobile Cranes
16: Overhead Cranes
17: Rigging Considerations

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