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Machine Shop Practice – Volume I

SKU : MTB-0082

496 pages Pages
Language : English

Hardcover – 1-1/4 x 6 x 9 – 496 pages with 278 illustrations.

FIRST in a series of two books – basic metal cutting operations, basic measuring instruments, layout work, drilling machines, lathes, single-point cutting tools, turning on lathe centers, chucking work, taper and angle turning, faceplate work, screw threads and screw-thread measurement, cutting screw threads on a lathe, turret lathes, jig borers, metal cutting saws, drills, reamers, & more.

Chapters include:
-1: Basic Metal Cutting Operations
-2: Basic Measuring Instruments
-3: Layout Work
-4: Drilling Machine, Twist Drills, and Auxiliary Tooling
-5: Drilling Machine Operation
-6: Engine Lathe Construction
-7: Single-Point Cutting Tools and Their Performance
-8: Turning on Lathe Centers
-9: Chucking Work
10: Taper and Angle Turning
11: Faceplate Work
12: Screw Threads and Screw -Thread Measuring
13: Cutting Screw Threads on a Lathe
14: Turret Lathes, Production Lathes, and Vertical Lathes
15: Precision Hole Location- The Big Borer
16: Metal Cutting Saws

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