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IMT-202 Industrial Measurement Tools – Mechanical & Electrical

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Location: Maintenance Troubleshooting Hands-On Training Center 2860 Ogletown Road Newark, DE 19711  Phone: (302) 690.0871 Email:
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Description: The course prepares the attendee to accomplish accurate measurement of machinery components beginning with simple tools ( ± 1/64”) and ending with complex precision measurement (± 0.0001”) Persons will be instructed in the use the tools and then progress to a hands-on experience to practice what they have learned. A short pre-test will be used to assess the skill level at the beginning of the course and a longer post-test will be used involving actual measurement to document the level of improvement of the attendee.

Early measurement tools—foot, cubit, yard, span, hand
Standardized measurement—Eli Whitney—a revolutionary in the world of measurement
English system of measurement vs. Metric system of measurement

Using a ruler and the rules for measuring length, width and height of an object
Graduations in rulers
Measuring circumferences of pipes, tanks and other cylinders
Direct and indirect measurement– using math to calculate dimensions
Using calipers-inside, outside, and
Measuring fasteners: nuts, bolts, and screws—the pitch gauge
Standards for fasteners—NC (National Course), NF (National Fine), SAE, NPT (Pipe Threads)
Determining the strength of fasteners for safety—torque measurement

Vernier caliper-0.001” accuracy
Outside micrometer—0.001 and 0.0001” accuracy
Understanding the reading line, thimble, and spindle on precision measurement tools
Inside micrometer
Adjusting a micrometer and recalibration
Using telescope gauges and bore gauges
Depth micrometer
Feeler gauges and taper gauges
Dial indicator measurements for concentricity and run out

Reading an analog meter scale and eliminating parallax
Use of a ranging switch
Measuring voltage, resistance, and current flow
Temperature measurement—Fahrenheit and Celsius
Speed measurement — mechanical tachometer and strobe light
Measuring V-Belts and sheaves
How to chart measurements — XY Plotting of data

In each of the sections listed above attendees will be given tools and industrial parts to be measured. Items include:  mechanical fasteners, pump shafts, packing glands, pipe, cylinders, shims, couplings, bearings, bushings, pump impellers, motor end bells, voltage supplies, and resistors. More than 50% of the course will be “hands-on” and each student will receive work books, class books, and supervised instruction as well as individual one-on-one assistance to make sure they can accomplish the tasks assigned.

Two day duration (8 hours each day) and up to 12 students may attend. Call or email for dates of next scheduled session.  Send more than one person from your company and subsequent attendees are only $895 ea! There is plenty of Hands on Training in this session! Call or email for dates of next scheduled session. Download course syllabus: Download: Industrial Measurement Tools


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