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IMW-201 Industrial Motor Workshop – Understanding Induction Motors and Proper Selection

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Location: Maintenance Troubleshooting Hands-On Training Center 2860 Ogletown Road Newark, DE 19713
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Description: The most common and most sold piece of mechanical rotating equipment is the polyphase induction motor (3-phase, 440 volt). Here is a course that deals with the 15 top motor problems and teaches the attendee how to spot the problem and what is needed to correct things. The course covers simple tests using the eyes, ears, and sense of touch as well as the use of an industrial voltage/amperage meter for electrical troubleshooting and simple hand-held vibration meter to determine internal conditions. Part of the course deals with how to find out what is wrong with a motor just by reading the nameplate and what in important to spec out when purchasing a new motor or rebuilding one. The attendee walks out of the course with a much better knowledge about how to handle field problems and learns to make good decisions to get the plant back in operation as soon as possible by being “right on” in figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it.

ELECTRIC MOTORS-A short history
Thomas A. Edison and the DC motor
Nikola Tesla and the polyphase induction motor
The motor as a rotating transformer
Induction and how it works
Variable speed motors and their controls
Reading a motor nameplate
Nameplate puzzles—find a problem from the nameplate
Does this motor fit the job?
Lubrication problems
– Choice for lube—grease or oil
– Sealed bearings, shielded bearings, open bearings
– Lubrication calculation
– Proper lubrication of a motor
– Retrofitting a motor for PM lubrication
Electrical problems
– Motor will not run
– Motor runs hot
– Motor trips out (thermal overloads or molded case circuit breaker)
– Motor can not handle load or will not come up to speed
– Megger testing (insulation failure)
– Voltage unbalance (dirty power)
– High amperage draw
– Single phasing
– Motor shaft grounding and how to fix it
Mechanical problems
– Broken bars and/or shorted windings
– Unbalanced rotor or fan
– Checking the balance of a rebuilt motor in your shop
– Bearing damage—determining if lubrication is the problem or mechanical faults
– Shaft misalignment or improper V-belt tension
– Alignment checks
– Soft foot
– Looseness
– Variable speed motor overheating

More than 50% of the course will be “hands-on” and each student will receive work books and supervised instruction as well as individual one-on-one assistance to make sure they can accomplish the tasks assigned. It is expected that an attendee will leave the class with the basic knowledge and skill to handle any motor troubleshooting situation. Class books can be used on the job site in the future to assist with troubleshooting steps and refresh the tasks that need to be done. Class members will learn what to ask for and what to spec out when having a motor rebuild by an outside shop and what to look for when making an inspection visit to the shop.

One day duration (8 hours) and up to 12 students may attend. Call or email for dates of next scheduled session. Phone: (302) 690.0871 Email:
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