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Cone Mount Bearing Heater

SKU : CMBH-1001

The cone mount bearing heater is the most reliable, flexible & cost effective bearing heater on the market.

Check out these great features:

Flexible – Each unit heats a wide range of bearings
Portable – Carry it right to the job site
Non-Magnetizing – Not like an induction heater
Affordable – Economically priced for your shop
Easy to Use – Simple instructions – you can't go wrong
Reliable – 1 year warranty – rugged construction
Clean – Not like messy oil baths
Safety Shielded – All units come with safety guards
Heat Crayon – Included

The Cone Mount Bearing Heater Model Super: 20 – 205 mm (3/4″ – 8″) 7 lbs Automatic Control – Turns off at 250F

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Price  $1,045.00 $925.00