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Bob Holland – Electrical Trainer


Robert H. Holland (Bob) is a industrial troubleshooting electrician who knows his way around motors, MCC’s, transformers and control circuits. Bob’s a man with years of experience gained from a very practical and technical background. He can not only talk the talk but walk the walk with excellent knowledge of electrical safely and what the NEC requires. Being around Bob is a pleasant experience because you are always learning something. He boils over with field tips, some new clever idea, or a simple way to solve what looks like a complex problem. He combines his technical electrical knowledge with field expertise learned from over 35 years of troubleshooting equipment problems in the chemical, process, and commercial industries.

Bob has designed preventive maintenance programs for all aspects of plant electrical maintenance: incoming switchgear, medium duty switches and circuit breakers, transformers, MCC’s (motor control centers), and even set up lubrication programs for motors. His years of supervision for different electrical and instrumentation groups qualifies him as a person who understands the need for training and makes him an excellent instructor. Bob’s take on things has always been, “Let’s take things one at a time so we can break down the problem and solve it permanently. Let’s fix it once and for all.”

Education & Business:
Senior Electrical Instructor with Maintenance Troubleshooting, 1 Arlington
Street, Newark, DE 19711 (Established 1976) Writes electrical training programs, assists clients in setting up electrical PM programs. Qualified to train on Basic Industrial Electricity for the Multi-Craftsman, Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting, Advanced Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting, Electric Motor Control Circuits, as well a custom training on specific electrical components (control relays, molded case circuit breakers, fuses and disconnects, arc-flash safety requirements, capacitor installation on electric motors).

– Owner of RHH Consulting- NEC and Electrical Safety Training
– Instrument and Electrical Staff Manager with Formosa Plastics PVC Processing Plant, Delaware City, DE responsible for electrical and instrument selection, maintenance, repair, staffing, and training plant wide
– Senior Electrical Supervisor—Electrical and Instrument Crafts with Stauffer Chemical, Headquarters in Westport, CT-hired and trained plant staff for grass roots plant and continued as supervisor of the electrical department

Outside Interests
Mr. Holland works closely as a volunteer with his church and has a long standing connection with safety training for the Delaware Fire School. He enjoys reading and keeping current with his profession. Currently the idea of retirement has not entered his mind. Bob’s a very busy fellow who knows his trade and is glad to help.

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