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Audel Plumber’s Pocket Manual

SKU : MTM-3001

10th Edition
ISBN : 978-0-7645-6995-1
464 pages Pages
Author :
Language : English

This fully revised guide gives you plumbing essentials, illustrations, tips, shortcuts – the lowdown on brazing, soldering, pipe fittings, commercial water coolers, automatic bathroom systems, and more.

All this and much more
* Includes tables, diagrams, and working drawings
* Provides necessary math and metric information
* Features a chapter on dental office plumbing
* Explains and identifies the right plumbing tools for each job
* Illustrates appropriate vents and venting methods
* Covers the Sloan flush valve, Oasis water coolers, the Sovent system, 1.6-gallon flush toilets, and solar system water heaters
* Useful for homeowners as well as plumbing professionals

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